With rapidly changing technology and the shift towards virtual work practices, organisations are seeking more flexible, secure and dynamic managed telephony solutions. The hosted VoIP telephony service provided by Geek means you can get the most from your technology without needing in-house staff.

From design and implementation, to ongoing monitoring and support, Geek’s managed telephony solutions allow you to take advantage of the very latest enterprise IP technology without the need for significant upfront capital investment. In fact, Geek can provide the entire managed VoIP telephony solution, including hardware as a service, eliminating upfront capital expenditure.

Whether you have one location or multiple sites, Geek solutions can be tailored to suit your unique requirements, helping to maximise efficiency by integrating voice and data networks, and positioning your business to capitalise on future growth opportunities. Managed telephony opens up many communication possibilities, such as logging in to your extension anywhere in your business or re-routing expensive mobile calls, along with making and receiving voice and video calls via your PC, laptop, smart phone or tablet to ensure you don’t miss any business opportunities.

A managed IP telephony service offers pro-active administration of your devices to ensure up-to-date configurations and a secure, functional environment. In addition, we provide clear reports that help you monitor your usage and enable us to predict future requirements.