Geek provides an effective server and desktop asset management plan to help keep up-to-date with your IT assets, managing your software licenses, track software usages, detect and uninstall prohibited software, alert on specific events, and provide comprehensive reporting.

As part of our service Geek conducts a complete server and desktop hardware and software inventory, carry out periodic scanning of your computers to manage licenses and track software usage statistics. We also detect and uninstall prohibited applications, and provide reports on hardware, software inventory and license compliance.

We work closely with our clients through the procurement process from quotation to installation, right through to support of servers and desktops. We make sure the correct server or desktop is selected for the right job. We can also manage your asset life-cycles to ensure you get maximum return from your investments, especially when legacy equipment no longer performs as required.

We guarantee:

  • No ongoing capital expenses – Everything is included in one predictable fee
  • Flexibility of increasing and decreasing resources as required
  • Ability to work from anywhere, anytime
  • Security – We run routine penetration testing
  • Performance – Constant monitoring to ensure everything runs smoothly
  • Reduced in-house expenses – By running in the cloud, you’ll have a lower power bill and require less infrastructure