We recently attended a prestigious industry awards conference in Nashville Tennessee, along with Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple. The event was “Dattocon 16”, and was a celebration of the world’s top IT companies who were operating in the disaster recovery space.

It was a great honour for us to win the Gold Datto Award for Pioneer of the Year

First of all, What is a Datto? partner_GEEK

Datto is one of our partners, and they offer some revolutionary software and hardware. Datto that has changed the face of disaster recovery. Their systems have allowed us to help countless clients in safekeeping their business data, whilst knowing that they can restore their entire system seamlessly and extremely quickly.

Restoring an entire server from a backup can take some systems up to 6 hours, sometimes even longer! By using the Datto, we can typically have our clients entire systems operating and restored within about 15 minutes, sometimes less.

So when someone accidentally wipes the server? not a problem, the Datto will be able to restore the whole thing to where it was quicker than a lunch break can be taken.

Did someone open a silly attachment and bring a virus into your office? Once again, not a problem. The Datto system will make the virus  a thing of the past, as it quickly reverts back to the safe point.

What Does it Mean for us to be Pioneer of the Year?

Awards2016-14-CM2D2910 GEEKA pioneer is typically someone who is a bit of a trend setter, someone who goes out with something new, or discovers a new way of operating. The complex combination of software and hardware that makes a Datto unit so effective is the culmination of cutting edge technology and a group of tech experts who saw a need and arose to the situation.

Geek signed on to become a Datto partner and start introducing this new system to our clients almost as soon as we found out about it last year. Since then we have used this system to save literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for our clients. These savings come from potential downtime in their IT infrastructure as well as potential loss of previously completed work.

One of the main ways that the Datto has helped our clients, is by being able to completely ignore the cryptolocker virus (well, a 15 minute interruption is pretty close to ignoring, compared to some other alternatives). The cryptolocker virus has been causing havoc both internationally and here in Australia, as it sneaks in and then encrypts your entire server (often backups and all), and then sells it back to you for a ransom.

Part of what helped us secure the award is the fact that we didn’t greedily keep this technological wonder product to ourselves or our clients. When it comes to fighting cyber crime we decided to play the role of a good ‘netizen’ and help other IT companies get on board with the latest weapon in the war against cryptolocker.

If you would like to know more about how we can safe guard your system, and ensure that the cryptolocker virus can never harm you, then you can contact us here.