• A) The internet is at war. This war is being fought day in day out, and the war is for YOUR data. Cyber criminals are finding more and more ingenious ways of striking out at their victims.
  • Cryptolocker or ransomware does not steal your data. The attackers are smarter than that. They rely on the fact that YOU need YOUR data in order to keep operating. Once they infect your systems everything is encrypted and ransomed back to you for untraceable bitcoin currency.
  • Obviously the whole world is not just going to bow down and accept that occasionally every business owner will find themselves sending cash to criminals. This digital extortion was never going to last. That is where we come in. When a criminal attacks you with tech, you need better tech to come back at them.
  • If you have already taken the first hit, we can help you even now! If you want to be ready to laugh in the cold digital face of a would be assailant, then we have just the right thing for you!


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