We Can Help Audit Your Disaster Recovery System

Often cyber security comes as part of an afterthought by business owners, and they find themselves begrudgingly accepting the recommendation from their IT suppliers to get on board with a system.

Depending on how recently you updated your system, you may already be capable of surviving a cryptolocker attack without having to fork over the ransom money.

The best disaster recovery systems are a combination of:

  • Preventative Factors
  • Reparative Factors

Preventative Systems

The preventative measures are typically software packages that will detect and then block any threats before they actually compromise your system. Most of the time a decent anti-virus software package will provide the primary system protection. As they say, a prevention is better than a cure.

However, anti-virus software is only as good as it’s updates and ongoing development. The cyber security world is like a digital arms race, with cyber criminals constantly finding new ways to circumvent virus protection software, and cyber security organizations constantly keeping their systems performing as best as possible.

It would be fool hardy to assume that even the best anti-virus software will catch 100% of attacks. Occasionally an attacker will get through.


Reparative Systems

The reparative components of your disaster recovery system are the parts which allow you to recover from a successful attack.

These systems can be both hardware and software, and will often include:

  • Ongoing scanning and detection of the system
  • Automated removal of malicious files
  • Full system backups

The merits of a reparative system come down to how quickly they can have your system up and running again after a disaster.

Some systems may take hours, or even days to achieve a full system recovery from a disaster such as cryptolocker. With each moment of downtime costing your business in loss of productivity, staff downtime, lost work, and lost overheads.

The systems that we install are a combination of hardware and software, and are designed to have you up and running within 15 minutes!

We can come in and conduct an audit on your existing system, and let you know:

  • If you are vulnerable to cryptolocker
  • How long it would currently take to recover from cryptolocker
  • How much cryptolocker would currently cost your business if you download it

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