About Southern Community Justice Centre

Southern Community Justice Centre is one of the largest Community Legal Service in South Australia and is funded by the Commonwealth and State Attorney-General’s Department.  The Service is a not-for-profit organisation.

Southern Community Justice Centre, incorporating Mediation SA is committed to providing a high quality professional service which makes a difference in the lives of individuals, families and communities.

The Service provides a number of different legal and Alternative Dispute Resolution services.  A number of the services are provided to people residing throughout the State of South Australia.

The IT & Business Challenge

Although Southern Community Justice Centre operated as one discrete organisation it had two separate networks. Network performance was inconsistent and at times networks became completely inaccessible. This resulted in major organisation inefficiencies and caused staff frustration.

The Solution

Geek reviewed the environment and implemented a solution to consolidate the two networks.

In addition Geek introduced virtualised servers as a low-cost hosting option and provided user access to a centralised database through the computer network with all the information accessible from a large number of different points.

Geek introduced a business continuity plan for Southern Community Justice Centre which ensured timely access to backups in the event of an IT failure or environmental emergency. Given the specific needs of the legal service, this solutions was scoped to be fully redundant, without a single point of failure.  Critical to the plan was a realistic time frame in which Southern Community Justice Centre could resume business operations, minimising losses for the Centre and the clients it serves.