About Civil Contractors Federation SA

The Civil Contractors Federation (South Australian Branch) has over 570 member companies who in turn employ over 20,000 South Australians.

CCF SA members are responsible for the construction and maintenance of South Australia’s infrastructure, including roads, bridges, pipelines, drainage, ports and utilities.

Members also play a vital role in the residential and commercial building construction industry by providing earthmoving and land development services including the provision of power, water, communications and gas.

The CCF SA is committed to furthering its members’ interests through advocating and lobbying on behalf of the industry at all levels of government. CCF SA also offer a range of business support services, and provide a range of networking opportunities via events held throughout the year. CCF SA’s training arm Civil Train is a Registered Training Organisation that provides a range of training solutions for the industry and the broader community.

The Challenge

CCF operates out of multiple locations.  Over time and due to growth of the organisation, internal network domains have been joined together. Consequently, the organisation struggled  to effectively manage organisation group policy through the existing structure resulting in business inefficiencies and system down time. In addition each legacy ‘location’ was operating from its own siloed server environment which meant data was not accessible to the whole organisation resulting in duplication.

The Solution

After an initial discovery phase, Geek was able to offer a solution which consolidated the network and server environment. Geek optimised the server configuration, consolidating 12 physical servers to 6 and providing 1 centrally controlled server environment containing all organisational data with appropriate securities and access in place.

Part of Geek’s solution was based on making sure that the wide-area network provided a solution for CCF based on a thorough understanding of the needs of the CCF.