About Bentleys SA

Bentleys in South Australia is part of a national network of professionals affiliated by a common mission – to deliver the highest quality of service. The shared vision of Bentleys, unites the national offices in collaboration and cooperation, through mutual respect, towards a common goal.

Combined with Bentleys’ mission and vision, the business is driven to deliver the highest quality service to clients.

Bentleys provides its clients with exceptional service and sound strategic solutions. As an organisation with a long history of providing clarity, knowledge and innovation to businesses of all sizes, they are proud of the strong track record of providing expert advice over 36 years. As a progressive firm, they are constantly adapting to the changing business environment.

The IT & Business Challenge

Bentleys identified that they had a need to protect business-critical applications and data against various causes of downtime.  They were looking for an integrated portfolio of business continuity and disaster recovery solutions that provided high availability to data to ensure they continued to meet their client needs.

The Solution

Geek IT was able to initiate a staged process for an overall business continuity plan allowing for a fast response with access to backups using virtualisation.  The business continuity plan outlined realistic business recovery timelines which ensures the organisation can recover promptly from an IT failure minimising financial losses.

A continuity plan was structured around routine activities so critical business functions continue to be available. Geek IT developed a plan for Bentleys which included:

  • Identifying a list of essential business requirements;
  • Pinpointing the resources needed to support each activity;
  • Recognising the impact on the business of ceasing to perform these activities;
  • Identifying how long the business could cope without these activities;
  • Clarifying the risks and assessing the impact on the Bentleys business; and
  • Developing a strategy for responding to, managing, and recovering from an incident.