Pay for what you use and when you use, we will take care of the rest!

The Managed Services model is no stranger to most organisations any more. Over the years, most organisations have found that it makes sense to outsource certain IT functions to external experts, so their staff have more time to focus on doing what they’re good at.

Similar to an IT Managed Service, Managed Print Services (MPS) allows you to free up your valuable resources and gain extra visibility and control of your printing. This ultimately can save you money and creates efficiency.

1. One Invoice, One Team

Consolidate the invoices for hardware rental, toners and servicing into one. Geek’s MPS takes care of your printing on one invoice. In our pricing model, there is only “cost per click” (commonly known as “cost per impression”), there is no separate invoice for rental and no extra fees for your toners. Toners are sent automatically when the toner gets low, no more running out of toners and having employees spend time searching to buy more. Geek’s MPS allows maximum efficiency in all areas of print.

2. Flexible and Scalable Plans

At the initial consultation, we will conduct an assessment to analyse your current printing structure and recommend the best option for you. We can provide new photocopiers and printers, and we can even manage your existing printers, that you spend so much time sourcing your own toners and servicing for. This model allows management and additions of equipment under the same single monthly invoice, and there are no penalties for additions of equipment later on. Print management is made easy and effortless with Geek’s MPS.

3. Take Advantage of the Latest Technology

New technology becomes available all the time but few businesses can afford to acquire new models to keep up with it. Our unique Managed Print solution means we can replace print devices with new equipment and new features quicker than you might expect, and it doesn’t cost you anything upfront.

The print experts at Geek are committed to providing the best option and services to you. Contact us to have a chat about how managed print can increase efficiencies in your business and provide hassle free print solutions.